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Enterprise Version Features


SIFL Reporting

  • Point to point reporting
  • 50% seating capacity rule
  • Single or dual pilot configuration
  • Spousal reporting rules
  • International SIFL rules observed
  • Recognizes children under 2 years rule
  • Calendar year reporting
  • Fiscal year reporting
  • Bona fide security reporting

Entertainment Cost Disallowance Reporting

  • Leg-by-leg reporting
  • Calculation under all 4 methods
  • Deadhead flights
  • Reports cost by aircraft or aggregate
  • Lists passenger names
  • Mixed-use flights
  • Records purpose of flight
  • Time share reporting
  • Schwab flight reporting

Other Tax Features and Reports

  • Documents employees, passengers, and guests per IRS requirements
  • 280F reporting test for MACRS and bonus depreciation
  • Statistical reporting
  • IRS audit report
  • Auditor report
  • General flight report
  • User defined flight categories
  • Links to IRS and state tax statutes and requirements
  • Excel export capability

Data Import Feature

  • Allows data to be imported in to FTS from a CSV file
  • Upload files from your scheduler software of Excel spreadsheet
  • Easy upload process with step by step instructions
  • Save data entry time and reduce errors from manual entries

Cost Center Reporting, Allocate flight cost by:

  • Flight hours
  • Flight miles
  • Cost by hour
  • Allocate SIFL

Complex Ownership Structures

  • Multiple aircraft/Same owner
  • Multiple owner/Same aircraft

SEC Features

  • Reports incremental costs by executive
  • Tracks up to 7 primary executives
  • Hire/termination date tracking
  • Reports by aircraft
Module Features By State

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

  • State Mileage apportionment
  • Days-in-State report
  • State landings report
  • Tracks leasing use


  • Interstate commerce exemption
  • Common carrier exemption
  • Tracks leasing use
  • CA use reporting for personal property taxes
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